Exciting Times

Work’s pretty hectic at the moment, I’ve been working as a consultant for NHS Employers since November and over the last couple of months we’ve had a couple of pretty big milestones in our team.  Firstly the concept that we’ve been working on was signed off by the Directors and the Trustees, and secondly, we published a notice for a Request For Information last week as part of our procurement of a Management Supplier.

Here’s a picture of it in last Thursday’s Financial Times

So it’s exciting times, we’re currently firing out information packs and waiting for the responses so we can move to the selection of the Provider and the next phase of our programme.  Couple that with the fact that it’s our first Programme Board tomorrow and I sense things are going to remain hectic at least for the foreseeable future.  Not that I’m complaining, after vegetating in Southampton for 15 months this is exactly the kind of work I changed jobs for!

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