Season Round Up & Exciting News

The Brits is over and I’ve had a good year in competitions with 9 podium places from 11 starts as the 2008/9 season draws to a close. Not only that but I’ve come close to qualifying for the overall final on a couple of occasions (Big Air at the Brits is my nearest miss so far!)

So here’s a quick summary of how I got on:

All of my scores have been added in to the TTR comps to take place this month so the following positions might change slightly but at the present time my world ranking is 150 ranking list, there are still a couple of TTRth and I’m 8th in Great Britain. Fingers crossed if the TTR rankings don’t change an improvement of 5 places in my overall ranking.

It’s been a tough year as well, I injured my foot at the Castleford leg of the Snow Tour which meant that I rode through the pain barrier there and was still riding injured the following week at Milton Keynes. This injury, which effectively put me out for 8 weeks after I’d also ridden in the Burton Black Metal at MK (where I discovered it wasn’t quite fixed) combined with a change of job meant that we didn’t take our planned month long trip to Laax over Christmas so that I could get some coaching and enter the Burton European Open. It’s such a shame, as I learnt so much out there the week before the Brits and the coaching really helped my confidence, however, we’re already working out how we can get more time away next season so hopefully I’ll get some more coaching and if everything goes to plan give the BEO a go as well.

Oh, and on to the exciting news…..I’m now officially a SNO!zone Sponsored Rider! Yes, following the Brits I’ve found out that they’d like me on the team because “you embody everything that SNO!zone is about….energy and enthusiasm! So I’d love you to join the team”. So finally my bubbly nature and determination to progress and succeed has impressed someone enough to get some proper, official sponsorship!

I have to say a huge thank you to Lisa Allan and SNO!zone for giving me this opportunity because it’ll be a huge help, the more riding I can get in the easier it’ll be to progress and improve my tricks (and the less I have to spend on slope-time the more I can spend on coaching!). It really is brilliant to find someone who hasn’t been put off by the fact that I’m over 30 as well. I may not be able to beat all the kids on the comp scene but I’ll keep giving it my best shot!

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