Back to the Grind….not the jibbing kind

I’m writing this on my way to London, on the train, heading to the office after two weeks away in Laax. It feels a bit surreal, here I am suited and booted and fighting for a seat on the train ( I won) when this time a week a go I was waiting for the gondola to take me to the mountain top for boardercross (I won that too).

Anyway, I just wanted to round out Brits week with an update on the slopestyle (3rd in Masters, 19th overall). I’ll admit to being a bit gutted with my overall position, I’d hoped to finish a couple of places higher but it wasn’t to be. On a positive note though, it was the biggest, cleanest slopetyle comp I’ve done in 4 years at the Brits, with my second run being completely clean with all kicked knuckles cleared. It really does go to show what some lessons and hard work can do! If anyone is in Laax and wants some freestyle tuition then Marc Pfander comes highly recommended.

Rebecca Cullum also got her rightful Big Air prize, no public apology though as she decided against having a presentation with just her on the podium (it’s not much fun, especially when it’s not your fault) but she appears in the right place on the results list so it’s all good.

Hopefully I’ll slowly ease in to work this week, luckily with Easter I have two, 4 day weeks, and a trip to Castleford & Halifax to look forward to. I’m going to do everything I can to keep the riding momentum going and get myself to a good enough standard that this time next year I’m blogging about the spins I’ve thrown down on the big kickers!


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