I iz extreem

Yes, I am indeed extreme, well according to this article on Weightwatchers anyway!  I had a call several weeks ago from Emma at Beattie Group, the PR agency for my sponsors SNO!zone, to see if I’d be willing to have a chat to Kate Corney, a freelance journalist who was writing an article on women in extreme sports.  At the time I was waiting for a train at Middlesbrough station after a client meeting so I was more than happy to kill half an hour with a chat on the phone (anything to distract me from the screaming kids that were surrounding me on the platform), I mean who doesn’t love an opportunity to talk about themselves?

Kate and I had a good natter, and I gave her the potted history from learning to link turns to this year’s sponsorship from SNO!zone & Sputnik before I hopped back on the train to London.  At the end of last month she posted a mention of me on her blog, and then today she Tweeted this while I was in another client meeting (I love the power of a netbook & dongle).  So there you have it my first official piece of proper media coverage….stoked!

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