Well my new shred stick works!  I took it for a spin to MK SNO!zone on Friday night and it’s brilliant, it’s a Forum Manual 153 and in comparison to my Forum Craft 155 it’s definitely softer, with more flex.  It’s pretty poppy too, in fact I popped on to the jump on kink and Ludo Canu of Spazz Tees, who was on the Poma at the time, told me off for popping too much.  I’d actually popped as much as I would have done on the Craft, so I can see I’m going to have to put a lot less effort into the rail side of things on the Manual.  I also had a couple of hits on the kicker and it seems to be pretty stable on landings too so I think it’s going to be good for indoor shredding and learning new stuff (which is of course why I bought it).

It was a pretty chilled night and it was good to be shredding with Lon Canu again, it’s always good to see him flipping his way over the kickers and killing it on the rails and it’s impossible not to feed off his energy.

I had a good night on the rails, mostly working on keeping my arms down as much as possible and just getting the feel of the board.  I also managed to get a few switch tricks down so I’m pretty stoked with that.  The Boyf was shredding as well and it was good to see him having some fun and getting back on some rails again.  It’s been about 9 months since he’s had an indoor session and it looked like he was loving it.  He also managed to get some videoing done and he’s put together a quick video of me, so you can check it out on Vimeo.

I’m back up to MK on Wednesday for the Maverix One Trick Pony course, this session is focusing on presses and side on tricks so I’m looking forward to building on Friday’s warm-up of the new board and really get my head round side on tricks!

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