Which way to Lynchburg?

Two blog posts in one day? Ambassador with all this news you is really spoiling us!

I’ve been pretty much fit to burst for the last few weeks with all the cool stuff going on in my life that I couldn’t share.  Not only have things been going really well on the work front but I had the news of the Humanity sponsorship that was in the pipeline (Leah, when I was constantly checking my phone that night at MK I was waiting for the announcement blog post to go live!) and now the equally cool news that I’m off to Lynchburg, Virgina!

Why?  Well I’m taking the short trip (Chelmsford to Manchester, Manchester to Paris, Paris to Washington, Washington to Lynchburg) in order to ride plasticsnow.  In fact I’m going out as part of the demo team that Snowflex are taking with them to the opening of the slope that’s been built at Liberty University (check out the promo vid) on 29th August.  To say I’m pleased to be invited would be a HUGE understatement, I’m totally blown away by the opportunity not only to be part of a demo team with some of the UK’s best dry slope snowboarders & skiers but also because it’ll give me the chance to show how cool Snowflex is to a group of people who are open minded enough to be excited about the slope, the surface and the fun they can have on it!  Throw into the mix the fact that the hotel we’re staying in has free internet and I’m a happy bunny!

Expect lots of excited Tweets before I go and lots of updates while I’m there, the count down starts now.  The only sad side to things is that The Boyf will be stuck in the office while I’m playing on what I’ve heard is the most perfect kicker, so for him I’m BlippingI’m leaving on a jet plane“.  Huge thanks must go to Wayne & Terry for thinking of me for this trip, I won’t let you down guys.

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  1. DrSnowboard

    Kat, apologies for not working it out from your twitter feed, or some other hitech approach – you and julio heasding for a snowdome tonight? If so, which one? Might need some snow therapy.

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