New boards!

My new boards are being built this week! Even better, in 2 weeks time I should (if all goes to plan) be in the USA en route to Lynchburg, Virginia to pick them up ready for the opening of the Snowflex slope. The Boyf, is of course stoked by this because it means he can take on ownership of my recently purchased Forum Manual, which he’s actually claiming from this Friday so he can try it out at Hemel.

If you’re not an avid fan of me on Twitter then you might have missed seeing the design of my 150, but you can now not only view it, but purchase it, via the Humanity Snowboards shop.  Obviously I’ll be doing a full review after my first shred but if you’re yearning for something new and can’t wait for that then it’s worth snapping up one of the pre-sale boards for $299 (Discount code 1STHMNTY50).  If you find that the pre-sale offer has closed then hit me up for my discount code.

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