Park and Ride

Another weekend has flown by and in 218 hours I’ll be hopping in a car to Manchester to catch my flight to the USA for the opening of Liberty University’s Snowflex slope!  I’ve also done my last shred session between now and then (I find it pays not to tempt fate too much).  On Friday I switched back to my Craft so that The Boyf could make the most of a session at Hemel Snow Centre on what was my Forum Manual, but now belongs to him….he certainly seemed to have fun on it and was back hitting rails and boxes in no time.  Of course there’s very little evidence of this because although I stopped shredding pretty early on, he couldn’t cope with not being on photo duty and swiped my video camera and took over on the filming front!  Before I stopped for the evening I finally managed to get up the courage to spin over Hemel’s gap kicker, managing two cleanly landed frontside 180s before the kicker got a bit ruttedand I caught an edge on take off.  Luckily I stayed mostly upright and stalling at 90 I landed and scuffed out.  Not wanting to break myself I took it easy for the rest of the evening, especially as after the Manual my super narrow Craft wasn’t really feeling that stable on the rails.

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