New Camera

I have the most awesome boyfriend ever!  Today The Boyf bought me a Canon Powershot G11 and it really is brilliant.  He’s seen me snapping away at everything with my N86 phone and he wanted to get a proper camera too.  Sometimes the camera phone just doesn’t cut it and it’s going to be really nice having a decent camera as well, especially for more detailed or composed pictures that I don’t need to upload straight away.  It’s a compact camera, all be it a largish one, which is great for me because I want something that’s easy to carry with me and that I don’t have to faff around changing lenses on all the time.  Also once I get brave enough and actually work out how to do it it has manual functionality so I can tweak shutter speed, aperture etc.  Until then I’ll stick with the auto settings or some of the scene specific settings it has built in.

Funnily enough the first camera I bought The Boyf was a Powershot G5, and it was that that started him on the snowboarding photography, so it seems almost fitting that I’m now using its bigger brother.  Here’s a slideshow of the shots I’ve taken with it today, I hope you like them as much as I do.

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