Snow Tour | New BST Park Shaper

New BST Park Shaper

Damo’s onboard! – In additional to the mass of improvements that the British Snow Tour is unleashing this year, things have been taken one step further as the freestyle-shaping prowess of UK’s best-loved snow-sculpted expert, Damian Doyle is brought onboard. Damo and crew will be creating and shaping every British Indoor Championship course from the Trespass Snowboardcross/Skiercross course and Rail Jam set-up at Glasgow, to the Giro Big Air booter at MK, and finally at Protest Slopestyle course at Castleford. Save the dates folks… it’s gonna go off!

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This is great news, as Rider Rep for the BST I’ve had a lot of feedback about the standard of the big air kickers (and had my own slamtastic issues with them) over the last few years so it’s good to see some changes to the park building crew. I’m looking forward to seeing what Damo puts together for us

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