British Snow Tour – Loads of Changes

Just wanted to share this email that came out from Stu Brass today.  I think that this season is starting off in a positive way with some good changes in the British Snow Tour format for competitors.
The jam session warm-up and 3 comp runs should mean more shred time than in the past and I also like the idea of seeded riders running at the end of the session (this will be especially handy for young Katie Ormerod who is ranked first since she normally rides early on in the order due to her young age).  The team also seem to have taken on board the feedback about the kickers in the Big Air comp as they’ve got Damian Doyle heading up all the indoor park builds this year.  The other bonus is that snowboarders don’t have to fork out an additional licence fee to compete this year (saving me £20 that can go on petrol instead!)

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Hello Snowboarders & Skiers

Just a quick one to let you know about the first event of the British Snow Tour this weekend and also about all the changes we’ve made to the Tour…

1/ New National Champs Comp format (3 runs best 1 counts)

2/ New additional Jam competition (free with the National Champs)

3/ New younger age groups

4/ £Entry Offers (3 disciplines for the price of 2 at Norwich & 3 indoor entries for price of 2)

5/ New Seeded riders

6/ New Ranking lists (UK & Global)

7/ No snowboard license fee

8/ Registration on the day results in a £5 donation to GB Teams (so pre-register, pay on the day though)

9/ More events added to the tour, initially in the form of the Scottish series but more to follow

10/ New sponsors & media partners

11/ New BST Rider rep (Kat Miller)

12/ Dedicated BST Park Designer & Shaper (Damian Doyle)

13/ A regularly updated website

And lastly our new website…

Hopefully we’ll see you there, and don’t forget to pre-register if you are competing, if doesn’t cost you anything but it’ll save you a fiver



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