Day 3, target met


Another day, more words written and I’m still on track, admittedly it’s been a tough one today though. Work was pretty busy on the support front but I’m glad that I ploughed on and kept going to reach today’s target.

Comedy moment of the day went to The Boyf, who was out running when the heavens opened, and this was no light shower but a full-on, monsoon-esque down pour! So much so I ended up Tweeting this, just based on the sound of the rain outside my office window.

20111103-215618.jpg. Anyway to save dripping all over the house he ended up wringing out his clothing on the patio, I swear he must have been carrying an extra 5kg of weight from all the water he’d absorbed.

So another day, another blog post, I’m hoping tomorrow will be a bit calmer on the support front as I need to get my code on and start some system configuration for one of Synuron’s newest members.

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