Finding balance

Apologies once again for being a bit of a rubbish blogger, it all got a bit crazy and I have either been too busy to blog or simply not in the mood.

Work has gone crazy, the extra project I picked up at work on a temporary basis has been confirmed as mine for the rest of the year, I get to pick up more work in two months time when someone else’s contract ends and as yet I have all my other tasks & meetings still firmly on my to do this.

Firstly this has meant my lunchtime gym sessions have fallen by the wayside because I haven’t been taking lunch breaks. That is going to stop this week! I need to squeeze these sessions in to make sure my mind stays clear and I stay as productive as possible. An hour away from my desk makes a huge difference and so I am going to make sure I get at least 2 sessions in the gym over lunchtime each week.

Secondly it has meant that playing catch-up on a project which is behind schedule in the area I am now looking after has left me exhausted. I haven’t wanted to study or to blog. Doing anything other than vegging out just hasn’t been an option, I have been completely unenthusiastic and just haven’t had the urge to fight it.

Finally it has meant that the DWP 40 days of fitness also fell by the wayside. The only fitness related stuff I have managed to keep up has been my running and even that has tailed off a bit. Sometimes I think things just get a bit too much and if I am honest probably the last 6 weeks or so I have been struggling to find balance.

I have 3 races to bring you up to speed on and a load of product tests/reviews as well, so hopefully I can start rebalancing from this point and resume normal service.

First though I have a mad dash to the office as my flight was delayed & I have an exciting 2 hour steering committee to take notes at.


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  1. Bob

    I have lived my entire life in the fast lane and extremely over-tasked (in fact, my ability to never say “no” to helping people was highlighted negatively in my last work appraisal); however, I wouldn’t change anything about it! I have stayed awake for over 72 hours working on a project, not because of procrastination, but my desire to make sure things were perfect. I have simultaneously attended graduate school, worked a 10-hour a day job, conducted personal training classes, worked towards increasing my PR for a 10K, entertained my two young boys, played in a basketball league, officiating softball games, lifted weights, and somehow managed to take care of my wife and all the jobs that go along with owning a home. I tell you this because it makes you a better person to deal with challenges as they are all interconnected! I would think about tasks for my job while on my runs, I would relax while officiating, I would get self-fulfillment while teaching fitness classes, I would think about my homework while lifting weights, I would determine what jobs around the house needed to be completed when I played with the boys, etc, etc, etc…and doing this all while being in the moment of those activities. Being tired, hungry and thirsty is truly a state of mind and you have to find your personal motivation to keep yourself going. Like I tell everyone, what motivates me won’t necessarily motivate you…find your motivation and harness it to drive you to be successful. My life has always been and will continue to be hectic but that’s the way I like it. Make it work for you because I personally believe you are awesome and I’ve only known you for a very short period of time! Hope this helps! 😃

  2. Cheers Bob! It does help, and I am going to make sure I take “lunch” at least twice a week whilst in Basel. It makes a real difference to my state of mind, so makes me more productive in the long run. As you say going off and doing another activity lets your brain process stuff without you really realising it. You’ll also be pleased to know I can read and reply to iMessage whilst I am in there so if there’s a work crisis you can still reach me 😀

  3. Bob Henson

    Last comment…I take “lunch” everyday and always get a workout and/or run completed. I have it booked into my diary and never cancel it…I may shuffle it around…but it never gets cancelled. People who don’t workout don’t understand the physiological motivation of physical activity as it releases endorphins and increases brain activity. Hence, I always discuss, mention or go on long tirades with my co-workers about the importance of physical activity. I only work with ONE other person who does any physical activity but I’m working on the other 27 to get them to do something…even if it means I have to “encourage” them to run or workout when we travel. I have soooo many sayings but one of my favorites is “You can sleep when you die!” Life is too short not to over-burden yourself with work, family, personal activities, travel and learning something new. Keep pushing and live life to the fullest!

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