Race Review: Ranscombe Summer

This should have been marathon number 6, a 12 hour, run as far as you can event from the lovely Traviss & Rachel at Saxons, Vikings and Normans.  It wasn’t, I had eaten something dodgy the day before, we were late arriving (well late for me, we still started on time) and I was in a properly miserable state of mind.

I tried, I really did, but in the end I decided I didn’t want to do it.  I could have walked the marathon in plenty of time but I wasn’t happy, my stomach wasn’t happy and to be honest I didn’t want to just walk.  So I stopped.  Bonus of the day being that as it was a challenge my two laps were one more than I needed to get me my medal and goody bag, so it wasn’t a DNF, it was just a “not as far as planned”.

Instead I chatted and handed out the lap counter wrist bands and I crewed the Boyf.  That was an interesting experience! He was running really well but when he stopped to refill water etc he was a touch on the wobbly side, it wasn’t tiredness as he ran off again without issue but possible something to do with a drop in blood pressure on pausing.  Either way, every time he circled round and we thought he would call it a day he kept on going.  In the end he did 38 miles in 6:56:54 (so about what it took  to run 26ish at Giant’s Head) before he decided that our planned Indian takeaway was more important!

A great event, I am not going to give over course details though as I am running the course again in November so want to do it justice when I do get the full distance I want there.

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