Review: Beer52 (inc discount code)

Beer52 - discount code TAILFISH10What a weekend! Marathon 22 successfully completed and beers most definitely earned! I ran hard for the first six of the seven 3.85mile laps and then took an easy walked lap for the final few miles.  It was a good test race and am looking forward to seeing how hard I can really push it on my first race of 2017, the SVN New Year’s Day Marathon.

Now back to the beers!  I was lucky enough to receive a review box from the team at Beer52 a couple of weeks ago and have been slowly working through the contents.  Beer is a great “recovery drink” (Runner’s World have an article on it – the Health Benefits of Beer) and so a regular delivery of beer by way of the Beer52 subscription service would mean this could be the perfect gift for the beer drinking runner in your life!

Post-training beers, post-race beers, or even “just because it’s Friday” beers can all be taken care of by the monthly arrival of 8 craft beers to their (or your) doorstep!

Beer52 - Use code TAILFISH10 of £10 offThe Beer52 beers arrived well packaged and even had an additional snack included with the Ferment magazine….so you can read about beer whilst you drink it!

Beer52 send you freshly brewed craft beers, (you get them 4-6 weeks after the brewing has completed), and as a subscriber they’ll tailor the beer delivery to your tastes.  I can’t think of a better way to try new beers and avoid the crush of the local supermarket.  It’s certainly worked out well for me as I got to try some great new flavours that I wouldn’t have picked on a Tesco 3 for £5 deal.

If you’re interested in signing up, or gifting someone for Christmas (and avoiding the Christmas Eve rush at the stores) then make sure you use the code TAILFISH10 to get £10 off your order!

Me, I’m off to drink some more beer to help my legs recover!

Beer52 - Use code TAILFISH10 of £10 off

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