91 Words for Snow

Having enjoyed the Robot Food movies(Afterbang, Lame & After Lame) in previous seasons I was a touch disappointed (gutted if I’m truthful) earlier this year when I heard that the Robots were disbanding and going their separate ways. I’d heard that David Benedek had his own project this year and having read this article and viewed the teasers for “91 Words for Snow” I’m happy to report that it looks excellent. It seems to have a similar comedic feel to it and I can see it being right near the top of my list of movies this season. Even better it’s going to be given away free with Whitelines snowboard magazine, which means I have a spare £20 to spend on another movie. The next teaser is out tomorrow, no doubt that’s tomorrow US time so it looks like I’ll have to wait till after work to view the next brief installment. It’s times like this I really hate not being able to view .mov files at work. At least they’re drip feeding us teasers on a monthly basis until it’s release, hopefully it’ll make the time pass quicker.

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