Couch to 5km – Week 1 Completed

Well I did it! I have successfully completed week 1 of the Couch to 5km workout. It was hard, mostly because it’s so cold outside, especially today…..
so cold in fact that the duck pond was frozen and the resident goose was looking mightily displeased at being surrounded by mini-icebergs, and also because I’m lazy and given the choice of staying at home wrapped in my duvet watching DVDs and running round the village then I’m more likely to choose to stay in. I battled the feeling though and toughed it out for today’s final run of the week.

I ran further again today, I’m really pleased because I didn’t have quite as bad a stitch as my last run and although I again felt like quitting as I passed the house I kept going for the last 10 minutes, so yay me!

It seems that the Nokia Sports Tracker was a bit off earlier in the week. Today’s reading came out at 4.4km so 400m less than last time out but I know I ran further, so I re-checked the route on the gmap pedometer site and it seems it was right today and wrong earlier in the week. Not to worry, I’ve amended my log so that my summary for this week’s running is now correct at 15.85km. Not too shabby for my first week I don’t think.

Next week I have 3 gym sessions planned before work, which will be a mix of treadmill runs and low impact fat burning along with the next week of couch to 5km. So hopefully I’ll get even more distance under my belt and start to feel the benefit even more. If nothing else it’s helping me get used to the cold, which should be helpful for this month’s week in France!

So here are today’s screen shots and a summary shot of the week’s workouts:

#road Couch to 5km Week 1 Run 3 - Nike+

#road Couch to 5km Week 1 Run 3 - SportsTracker

#road Couch to 5km Week 1 Run 3 - Nike+ training log

#QFF Week 1 Summary

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  1. DrSnowboard

    Well done. But what’s the difference between the gmap pedometer site and using the google map-it option on the nike+ site? Just interested really, I’ve not even bothered to calibrate my ipod receiver, it seems to tally with the rough distances off the nike routes. For a 20quid receiver it does pretty well, though I’m sure if I did rapid short steps I could convince myself I was running faster. If only..
    And yes, it was bloody freezing yesterday.

  2. Kat

    I don’t think there’s any difference at all to be honest. I’ve just always used the gmap site as it’s on my bookmark bar. Like you say it’s not bad for 20 quid, at least it helps prove to others that you really are exercising and not just nipping out to the pub for half an hour!
    Hope it’s warmer next time you head out for a run!

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