It’s a wee bit chilly!

Well let’s start today’s post off with an indication of just how cold it is today…..
Solid peanut oil
Yes that’s the peanut oil in my kitchen and it’s solidifying! So it’s a bit chilly as you can tell.

Despite this, and the fact that I was pretty much numb from waiting 20 minutes for the bus and then walking home from the bus stop I did make it out for the first run of week 2 in my couch to 5km training. It did help that The Boyf came with me to brave the cold, although I suspect it was more to make sure I didn’t quit half way round….he even made me take the tough route with the longer hill in it…git! Still we made it and did 3.78km in just under 30 minutes, because we’d taken a slightly different route we weren’t as far away from the house as normal so I didn’t bother with the full 5 min walk for the warm down. Considering it was -5oC out there I don’t think that’s bad going at all. Today I’d stepped it up a bit and after the warm up we did 6 reps of 90 seconds running followed by 2 minutes of fast walking. I must be getting a bit fitter because the hill didn’t seem to hurt quite as much as when I had a false start of exercising 2 weeks ago.

Today was also weigh-in day, my BMI has decreased slightly but I haven’t lost a full pound in the last week. I’m not too worried about that though the main thing about all of this exercise is increasing my fitness and toning up as opposed to losing weight. I haven’t been dieting, just making sure I’m eating healthily so I won’t be crying in my pillow tonight.

I’m hoping that this cold weather will mean that when I hit the slopes my lungs will have adjusted slightly and I won’t be as wheezy as usual, we shall see I suppose.

So there we have it week 2 of actual outside running is 1/3 over, now I just need to keep the momentum and finish it off!

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