Battle of the duvet

5:20am and my alarm goes off, it’s dark, I’m warm and toasty and it’s cold outside. Add to this the fact that I’m working from home and it all adds up to me not wanting to get up to go to the gym. Seemingly the other half feels the same way, saying he’ll get up in an hour and walk in to work rather than driving so I can stay asleep for a while longer. Excellent, I burrow back into my feathered nest and start to drift off, 5 minutes of bliss are soon over when the realisation that we’re both lazy quitters hits him and we’re up dressed and in the gym by 6:05. Ah well it was nice while it lasted and if I’m honest once I was up and dressed it wasn’t too bad. It’s just that first battle with the outside world that causes the problem…..I love my duvet, I actually think I love my duvet more than I love my snowboard, today however, I won the battle, it may have scored the first goal but I rallied and won in overtime!

Today’s workout was an easy one, because I was working from home and didn’t have to rush for the train I put in an hour rather than my usual 30 minutes. A mix of cross-trainer, treadclimber and bike it was part fat burn and part low level cardio. I’m trying to keep my workouts balanced and a session like this is great to still work my legs without over doing the knee impact. So that’s 2 hours exercise already this week and we’re only on Wednesday. Tomorrow’s another couch to 5k session so hopefully I won’t be too tired after work otherwise I may be tempted to grab a post-commute nap rather than wrapping up and heading out into the cold.

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