Le Grand Bornand Trip 2009

Yay! I’m currently in Le Grand Bornand on my first snowy trip of 2009 as part of the Anarski Camp. Having cancelled my month in Laax following my foot injury and change of job it’s good to be away and having fun in the snow once more. We cheated a bit getting here by cashing in some of the hotel reward points I gained while working in Southampton and stopping in Dijon Friday night to break up the journey, driving the final 300km on Saturday morning. The TomTom/The Boyf’s navigation skills and my kick ass driving got us here at lunchtime and we hit the slopes for the afternoon.
Checking out the park we found a good range of kickers from green to black and good mix of boxes too. It looks like it’s going to be a brilliant week, well as long as the snow stays away anyway. We had to give up and come down the mountain at lunchtime today because the visibility got so bad that you literally couldn’t see 5 foot in front of you, and on an unfamiliar slope it’s not much fun so we called it a day and later in the afternoon we set about building a kicker and quarter pipe out the back of the Anarski Chalet.
I’ve been playing about with Nokia Sports Tracker, and will be posting up some of our sessions on their site, so click here to see where I’ve been riding. I’ll also be uploading some pictures as and when I can on Flickr. As yet I haven’t found any free wifi so uploads may be few and far between so I don’t run up a huge bill….but even if I don’t update the blog until I’m home you should be able to get a bit of a picture of what we’re up to from those sites.
Hopefully tomorrow will be bright so we can hit the park again, but if not there’s a plan for some tree runs and of course the back yard jib session!

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