Where’d my sun go?

So today was suposed to be sunny, all day was suposed to be clear until 4pm and then snow overnight and tomorrow, well everyone got that wrong, including the local weather. We headed up at 9 so that I could warm up before my lesson and it was cold, wet, windy and dumping once again….gutted! After yesterday I was really looking forward to another day of good visibility so I could practice the big air kicker a bit more, but it wasn’t to be. The wind was whipping up so badly that we headed to the rail park to work on my boardslides, all was going well until I misjudged the kicker for the second box and caught my nose on the front of the board…..head, shoulder, back slammed one after the other into the box before I bounced on to the snow. Apparently jumping is important, although it does help if you can see where you’re headed. After a few more laps of the rail park we went over to check out the slopestyle course, it’s looking nice! It’s all set up ready for the comp and it’s going to be fun to hit, there’s a choice of bonks at the top, a wallride, box/rail choice, the mini half pipe and then the line of three kickers.

I’m really pleased that I’ve managed another first this trip and hit all the toys in the course prior to the comp day..not only that but I hit all the kickers without too much panic. I didn’t make the landing of all of them but then again neither did my instructor, the slow, wet snow was causing us a few problems but it was good fun and it’s given me the confidence that I can do the course and have fun without going in to total panic mode.

It’s also really cool that my old uni friend, Adi, has made it out to Laax as well. This will be our first time riding together and it looks as though he’ll get his wish of more powder tomorrow!

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