Lucky Number 7

Yesterday was the 7th Anniversary of my Snowboard in a Day lesson at MK SNO!zone.  I rocked up to this lesson in the ski salopettes and jacket that I’d last worn about 13 years earlier on the last skiing holiday I went on with my family.  Thankfully the strap on the salopettes broke during the lesson and the fluoro monstrosity was retired!  I remember finishing off the lesson by standing at the top of the main slope, looking down and being terrified, it seemed so steep and long (all 170m of it!), both The Boyf and I managed a couple of runs down though, finishing off 8 hours of boarding in style and although exhausted, aching & bruised we were hooked.

It seemed fitting that we celebrated the anniversary by hitting the slopes and so we headed up to MK again, 7 years on and SNO!zone sponsor me, the enthusiasm I felt at the end of that first day has only grown and I was looking forward to a good session with some friends, The Boyf was looking forward to taking some photos and a fun evening was made evn better by the official announcement that I am now sponsored by Humanity Snowboards “Official Announcement: Kat Miller Joins Humanity”.  I knew the blog post was coming, but it was great to read it on my trusty N82 as I rode up the Poma.  I’ve come a long way in the last seven years, not just in snowboarding but in work as well and I love the fact that my enthusiasm not only for riding but the day to day stuff I do, the tech and the geeky stuff has led me to my first board sponsor.  I connected with Humanity not through the usual channels of showing up at comps and getting to know the distributors but by casual conversation over the internet.  It was a connection of like-minds, people with similar interests and a mutual love not just of snowboarding but of social tools and interaction as well. I’m stoked that Humanity Snowboards picked me for their team and I can’t wait to get my first board from them and started shredding indoors & dry on it.  I’m looking forward to getting to know the guys behind Humanity and the other team members so that even though we don’t shred together we can share in our love of the shred! Last night was also awesome thanks to Ludo Canu of Spazz Clothing & UK Tall Tees.  Not only has he made me up some brilliant die-cut stickers for my sponsor Sputnik Snowboard Shop but he’s made me up a Sputnik hoody as well.  Ludo and his son Lon are both awesome to ride with and have been really encouraging and supportive of me, giving me the confidence to try new stuff.  Thanks guys, I really appreciate it!

So as I move into year 8 on a board I just want to say a huge thank you to The Boyf,  to all my friends, the people I ride with and compete against, the mums and dads who not only support their kids but me as well and most especially to my sponsors SNO!zone, Sputnik Snowboard Shop & Humanity Snowboards……bring on the summer shred!

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  1. Thanks guys :o)

    Branny – nothing confirmed shop-wise, people will be able to get stuff through me though so we’ll see how many people I can convince they’re a good ride and go from there.

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