Oh bother

Well that intention didn’t last long did it?

I’m starting this post on my iPod Touch while I travel 18 stops westbound on the District line from Upton Park to Victoria, skipping from one meeting with an NHS trust to another. It’s this skipping that’s kept me from following through with my bright idea to partake in NaBloPoMo, that combined with busy-ness, tiredness & laziness anyway. Last Monday should have seen post 2, instead I took the train from Chelmsford to Liverpool Street station, tubed to Paddington and trained to Chippenham. Then it was a taxi to Devizes and back for a trust visit before training to Birmingham via Bristol. I then spent 3 days on my feet at the annual NHS Employers conference talking to trusts about the benefits of joining NHSE as Full (paid) members before finally heading home.
It was my intention to type a post after dinner on Monday night but sleep got to me first and I just never found time to chill and blog at all all week….then it was the weekend so I slept instead!
I could have blogged yesterday as I took the train to Newcastle and back but I was playing catch up and dealing with 200+ emails so now that I’m underground with a flat Blackberry battery I’m trying to make amends.

I’m home now, too tired to do anymore but at least I’ve got an initial excuse post out of the way!

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