Thank you to all our donors

As you may know, 2012/13 were tough years for our mums with them both undergoing surgery, mine having a lumpectomy after DCIS was diagnosed in a routine mammogram and The Boyf’s mum under-going super high tech brain surgery to remove, what was thankfully, a non-malignant tumor.  Following this we wanted to raise some funds to help give something back to those who cared for & supported our families.

We would like to thank you all for the donations you made to  King’s College Hospital Charity & Macmillan Cancer Support over the course of 2013 & 2014.  The Boyf and I ran many miles, completed our first marathons and in total raised £729.50.  Special thanks to the friends of Gill who donated a total of £244.50 in offline donations.

This period has been life changing for me, I never considered myself a runner (a sprinter yes but anything longer than 200m was a bit too much effort) but by the time I had completed my first 10km race I was hooked.  I will continue to run for fun and race for enjoyment!


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