January is coming

janathon-participant-logoYes, I am a rubbish blogger, I keep meaning to blog and then work (& naps) get in the way.  I will do better in 2015, I promise!

To kick-start the year I have just signed myself up for Janathon.  This means I will be posting daily throughout January, it should also mean I am doing some form of exercise each day in order to have something vaguely relevant to blog about.  To help this part of my January mission, to be a better blogger, I have also signed up for Jantastic.  This will be my second year and this year I will remember to log all my runs properly by the appropriate deadline.  I have also switched my allegiance from the parkrun show team to the UK parkrun Tourist team…..by the time Jantastic kicks off I should have completed 20 runs in different locations and be back on the parkrun Most Events table (I dropped off this week when they removed the inaugural count), so it seemed like the right choice.

So there you have it, a quick filler blog post, to show my commitment to doing better next year!  If you are lucky I will also manage to close 2014 out with a few updates on recent parkruns and upcoming races.

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