5 tips to maintain healthy body and mind

Keeping your mind ticking over is just as crucial as maintaining a well-conditioned body, as it has been demonstrated that regular mental exercise enhances the memory and makes your mind more proactive. Here are five tips for keeping your mind as healthy as possible.

Try new things

Getting stuck in a rut means your mind is not taking on fresh challenges. Therefore, embracing the chance to learn something new will help keep your brain stimulated and stave off boredom and depression. Why not make up two lists of things you like to do, one of things you do frequently and ones that you don’t. Then start working your way through the list of things you don’t do as often. Or maybe put a fresh spin on something you do already….regular parkrunner but only visit the same parkrun? Check out your normal event’s page and visit one of the nearby parkruns instead.

Play card games

Popular card games like blackjack and poker require you to use the part of the brain that deals with strategic long and mid-term thinking, which is great mental exercise. A good way to explore these is by signing up with a mobile casino site, as they will offer an abundance of such games. This also means you are less likely to get into arguments with family and friends when you beat them!

Enjoy shared interests

Time alone is good for you, but not all of your time should be spent that way. Joining a club or society to indulge an interest with others will keep your mind occupied and help you feel like part of a community – both of which are good for the health of your mind. Another shout out for parkrun here I think!

IMG_0017Get plenty of sleep

Failure to get enough sleep can lead your mind to stop functioning properly, so it’s vital to get plenty of rest. Sleeping helps your brain process all of the information that it’s come across throughout the day, saving in the relevant memory banks and then wiping it clean for a fresh start.

I’m a big fan of naps as well, but it’s important to getting the timing right so you don’t wake up groggy or grumpy. 30 or 90 minute naps work better than 60 minute naps due to the way sleep cycles work.

Talk to people

Keeping all of the everyday stresses of life bottled up is not good for your mental health, so make sure you talk about them. You don’t have to speak to a professional, as a night out with friends will be a much more enjoyable way to vent about those annoyances – while also letting you take your mind off them once you have done so.

Sharing online can also be a good way to vent and get things out in the open, but be warned, this can back fire if your boss reads your grumpy Tweet!

Overall there is no doubt that mental health is just as important as physical health and these five ideas should help you maintain it.

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