Review: Veet – get your legs Summer ready

I was recently given the opportunity to test one of the new Veet products.  Having not used a hair removal cream since the days it was called Immac I thought that this would be a good opportunity to see how the product had evolved.

The product I tested was the Natural Inspirations Hair Removal Cream Legs & Body – Sensitive Skin cream.  You get a large tube of cream and a plastic spatula that is used to apply and remove the cream.  For once I actually followed the instructions on something like this and used my iPhone to time the development period.image - legs covered in Veet cream

It’s pretty easy to use, smear it on and spread evenly with the spatula, wait, scrape it off…..job done!  It can be a bit messy though.  If you have a carpeted bathroom then stick a towel down, at least one squirt will miss and end up on the floor so it just makes cleaning up a bit easier.

I was very impressed that, when I started the removal scrape phase after 10 minutes, all the hair came away easily.  The last time I used a cream the result was patchy to say the least so the product has definitely improved on that front.  It also has quite a pleasant smell.  You can still smell the chemicals but they aren’t over-powering and anything like this is going to have a slightly odd scent to it.

Immediately after using it I did feel like it was a bit of a faff, my legs didn’t have that mega smooth, post-shave feel to them and it had taken a bit longer than shaving my legs would normally take (plus I had to lurk in the bathroom with cream covered legs instead of being in a relaxing bath).

image - legs with tanned kneesHowever, I have to say that a week on I am rethinking things!  My legs are still smooth and hair free and as you can see it’s making my “knee tan” look amazing!

If you are planning on going away on holiday, or have a long run coming up where you want silky smooth legs then I would say these Veet hair removal creams are certainly worth a try.  What it lacks in speed of use is more than made up for by the time the hair-free feeling lasts!

In order to complete this review I received one tube of hair removal cream, the views are however my own.

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  1. I use veet when I’m going away for a week or so. Usually happy to shave and I don’t care about a bit of stubble, but when it’s a special occasion, I’ll use these as it doesn’t bother my skin and it’s nice and smooth.

    Although it does reek a bit!

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