Training Log: 29-6-16

Today called for an easy, economy run for 50 minutes with the bulk of the session at 7:21mins/km.  I worked hard at staying slow and was pretty close to my planned pace for a change.

UntitledI have a tendency to run a bit fast on my easy runs, but wanted to try and get a slower paced run done for a change.  One of the key things I need to focus on at Samphire 100 is keeping a slow and steady pace.

I’ll be using a run:walk strategy, but I need to make sure I don’t run too fast. A 100 mile race is not the time to sprint, and I need to make sure I keep a steady, consistent and manageable pace for as long as possible.  I don’t want to have to death-march it out from early in the race, in fact if I can avoid doing that at all I wood be really pleased! I have a feeling that’s unlikely, but I’d like to delay the ultra-shuffle for as long as I can.

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