Training Log: 8-8-16

Image - Yogaia energising flow summaryTwo workouts today.  First off I did a 45 minute Yogaia class. I had been too lazy to get up and do the live class before work, so instead downloaded the recording and did it mid-morning.

It was quite tough class with quite a bit of core work but I have been seeing an improvement in my strength and body shape, so I just did my best to follow the poses.

This evening I completed a short TrainAsONE economy run.  I took it at a steady pace but my legs felt like lead and I could feel tightness in my calves.  It must have shown in the GPX trace that I was a bit “off” as the magic plan has updated and shuffled tomorrow’s threshold run to Wednesday and actually switched it for an economy run.

Image - training run statsThis works out quite well as I have a full day training course tomorrow with a 3 hour train journey each way.  So I’d have been shuffling the schedule anyway!

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