NaBloPoMo Day 5 & 6: The Weekend

So it was quite a relaxed weekend, an easy run on Saturday to get myself back into the swing of things.  Having gained 5lbs in the last week through a lack of self control and crappy eating, it was good to get out and run.  I even managed to hit my planned pace.

I then managed to style my hair and not look too scraggy (mostly because I put some effort in and blow-dried and straightened it rather than just letting it dry on its own.  I’m really pleased that one week on, and 2 washes in, that my new Not Another Salon colour is still totally awesome.

Sunday was another runday and it was a lovely day for a @trainasone long run. Just over an hour and I didn’t totally over heat #loveautumn #tw from Instagram:

First frosty run of Autumn 🍂 #tw from Instagram:
So there we have it, 2 runs, shiny hair and some undocumented naps.  What did you get up to this weekend?
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