Hone your shopping skills with HomeSense

#HarlowLoves HomeSenseI recently had the chance to visit my local HomeSense store as part of a blogger evening.  It’s not often there are blogger opportunities outside London, so when I saw they had an event on, down the road in Harlow, I dropped them an email and got on the guest list!  There’s nothing like a good shopping session to close out a busy day at work.

I hadn’t heard of HomeSense before, so doing a bit of research I discovered it’s part of the TK Maxx family.  I love TK Maxx, I’ve snaffled some great snowboarding bargains from there in the past, and was excited to see what HomeSense would deliver.

I have to say it’s the perfect store to visit if you’re looking for an eclectic mix of home-style goodies.  The Harlow HomeSense store is spread over two levels and covers everything you could think of from garden furniture and plant pots, to bathroom storage and pretty much everything in between.  I think it would be a great place to go if you are looking to freshen up your home, or have just moved and are looking for new furniture.  Another blogger I met had just bought a house so she was on a mission to find some cool stuff to fill her new place.

#HarlowLoves HomeSenseI started off by exploring the ground floor and stumbled across some great notebooks, perfect for note taking and use as a Bullet Journal.  In keeping with the designer expectation they even had some Liberty notebooks…of course the great thing is they are significantly cheaper than in their originating store!  Savings are to be had everywhere and often at 60% off the RRP.  What’s not to like?

If you love cut flowers then they have a wide range of vases, in all kinds of styles.  The great thing about HomeSense is that each store will have a slightly different stock, so you can be sure you’ll find something unique to suit your tastes.  They also had some really cool clocks and some slightly odd statues, including a jewelled elephant that I forgot to take a photo of.

#HarlowLoves HomeSenseHeading upstairs I glossed over the kid’s section and headed into the kitchen zone!  So much cool stuff, from mini Mexican food platters to collapsible collanders and funky pizza cutters!  I resisted most of it but did grab the pizza cutter and a Mojito Muddler.  If you’re interested in storage they had some funky basket style shelves, that could work in a kitchen or bathroom.  They even had a few sofas just in case you’re looking to make a larger purchase.

#HarlowLoves HomeSense
All in all I would definitely recommend HomeSense if you are looking to freshen the look of your home, or if you’re looking for a fun gift for someone.  I managed to get a little Bee House for a friend, so hopefully they’ll have a buzzy Summer when the sun comes out and the flowers open.  There are certainly some great bargains to be had and I’ll be paying Harlow HomeSense another visit next time I need homewares!

Have you been to HomeSense before?  What bargains did you stumble across?

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