Introducing ANNA, and a chance to win!

Image detailing TheANNAapp rules of entry - instagramWe all have questions that need answering, day by day the questions keep coming, so why not put them to good use, and get some answers too?

You can do just that with a new app that’s about to launch!

ANNA is the first question-and-answer app that brings together individuals and businesses, and rewards its users for their participation.  Even better, before it launches the team behind ANNA are running a competition, and every question asked as part of the competition will result in 50p being donated to London’s Queen’s Park Youth Centre, and other London youth organisations.

The brain child of Anna Hedman, the ANNA app will allow you to join communities based on your knowledge and areas of interest and help out other users by answering their questions.  Or of course, asking yours.  ANNA will be available for normal people like you and I, and for companies as well (think crowd-sourced market research).

TheANNAapp Call to donateANNA’s main point of uniqueness is that it will reward users for all participation and engagement. Like Experience Points in a role-playing game, users earn ANNA Points for asking and answering questions, and the more popular their questions and answers are, the more ANNA points they earn. These ANNA Points can be spent on rewards, including store vouchers, plus vouchers for branded goods, restaurants and various businesses — and they can even be exchanged for cash. Pretty cool huh?

As someone who works in HR and Recruitment I am also excited to see that ANNA will be helping people to develop an online CV based on the knowledge and experience shared via the app.  This sounds like great news for job hunters and recruiters alike and I can’t wait to see how it develops!

The app itself is planned to launch on iOS on 13th March, with an Andoid version following after that (don’t panic though Andoiders, you’ll still be able to get involved via the website).  However, you can get in on the action early by getting involved in their pre-launch competition.

All you need to do is get involved on Facebook or Instagram….you have until 27th February to make sure you like their account/page, post your essential question under one of the competition’s Instagram or Facebook photos, and tag 3 friends to get involved as well.

Full rules and details will be on each of their applicable posts, so make sure you read and follow them to ensure you get entered in the prize draw…and to ensure your question counts for a 50p charitable donation!  You also need to make sure you use the hashtag #themostimportantquestion

Image detailing TheANNAapp rules of entryWhat’s in it for you?  The chance to win up to £1,000! (A £10,000 prize pool will be up for grabs overall) And who couldn’t do with a bit of extra cash?  I know I’ll be entering!

Once the questions have been asked, there’ll be a voting period where everyone gets involved to answer the burning question…..which was #themostimportantquestion ?

So what are you waiting for? Get over to ANNA on Facebook and TheANNAapp on Instagram and get your entries in!  You can also follow them for updates on Twitter.

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