Olives aren’t just tasty….

Whilst I have been a bit slack on the yoga front so far this week I am really enjoying it.  Taking some time out from my busy day not only makes me fitter, but it improves my mental health as well.  No matter how much you enjoy your job, or are happy with life, sometimes you just need time out to look after yourself.  This is why I was excited when I heard that the lovely ladies at Naturelle Cosmetics wanted to send me a product for review.  Of course I said yes!  I had visions of something pampery, that I could use to treat myself with and get a bit of “me time”.  All views henceforth are of course my own.

Here’s what the team say about themselves

Naturelle Cosmetics is a private, family-owned and operated business based in UK that aims at popularising natural and organic beauty products in Europe. Through the years, it has been our obsession and passion to offer you only nature-sourced cosmetic products, bringing you only the purest products from organic, certified farms in France, Italy, Portugal, Spain and United Kingdom.

Who We Are

Our beauty consultants are composed of experts in the industry, with knowledge on natural and organic cosmetics. We do not only promote natural beauty solutions but also offer you advice and guidance on the best body, hair and skin care products that suits you.


To provide only organic and natural, body care, hair care and skin care cosmetic products because we in the power of nature in nurturing and healing our bodies and giving us our desired beauty and purity in the most natural, chemical-free way.

Naturelle Cosmetics: Room Perfume ReviewSound pretty cool right?

My parcel arrived and I excitedly unwrapped it, and there was a glass bottle with a funky styled top…I was hoping for fancy bath oil or bubbles, so I will admit my heart fell a bit when I saw it was a room perfume.  OK, let’s be honest, I was gutted!  Then I gave it a squirt and had a good sniff…..I actually really liked it!

Then the panic set in slightly, I had sprayed my home office whilst the Boyf was out, possibly not a good idea.  The Boyf is VERY smell sensitive, and this smell had a hint of familiarity to it that I couldn’t (and still can’t place).  My worry was that it would be a smell that he would instantly recognise, and worse, instantly hate.  I waited with trepidation for him to return and dragged him in to assess.

The good news, he really liked the smell too…..the bad, he can’t place it either, and as neither of us have been roaming in olive groves it isn’t just because the scent is Olive Wood!  We haven’t been to Provence either, and that’s where this was made, so it isn’t some random French school trip lurking in our memory banks.

Naturelle Cosmetics: Room Perfume ReviewSo why, you may ask, did I start this post talking about yoga and then start chatting about a French room perfume with an olive wood scent?!  Well I have been spraying the room with it before my yoga sessions.  Not only has it been encouraging me to breathe more deeply as I really like the smell, but the scent seems to have a calming effect on me.  Whether it’s some deep seated memory or just my imagination starting to picture a gentle breeze wafting through the green of an olive grove as I lay on my yoga mat at 6:30am I don’t know.  I am however really glad that the team at Naturelle Cosmetics sent me this and not something more cosmeticy!  It’s definitely a purchase that is outside my normal comfort zone, but not only do I feel that having it has made me happier, it also lasts longer than a facial or a bubble bath.

They have such a great range of products on their site, it makes them a perfect choice for gifts or self-treats, especially if you are health conscious and like choosing natural organic products.  I’d certainly recommend checking them out, and don’t be afraid to give their Olive Wood Room Perfume a try…it really does have a pleasing smell that will lift your mood!

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