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The Boyf and I don’t really tend to go big on the birthday, Christmas and Valentine’s Day present front because we are more of a see it and buy it family. Neither of us see the point in waiting for an arbitrary date or day in the year to share a gift that we think the other will love. It seems such a shame to make someone wait when part of the excitement is the giving and seeing them enjoy the thought you have put into the gift. Not because it’s their “one more rotation around the sun” day, or a day that society says you need to show your love on…but because you saw something you thought they would love, and snapped it up to show them that you love them.

I recently came across such an opportunity and I am excited to share this collaborative post. I worked with the team at Star-Name-Registry.Com to put together the best surprise for the Boyf. All views are my own (and a bit of his too!).

Star-Name-Registry.ComStar Name Registry.Com give you a number of ways to share your love with friends and family, by naming a star after them (or giving it a name that means something to them). They take care of everything from the updating of the star name in the official registry, to sending out a presentation pack to the recipient, with the full details of their star.

There is a lot of choice available to you…in fact it took me a few days of pondering before I pulled together everything I wanted to incorporate into the Boyf’s gift.

First of all you have to choose the type of star that you want. Standard and Extra Bright are both options that give you one star that is visible in the UK, Binary allows you to choose 2 stars (so perfect for an anniversary gift or even a unique wedding gift).

I went for an Extra Bright star, and also chose the Extra Bright Star Gift Package. In addition to the basic information and star certificate this set included the certificate in a frame, star atlases and in a lovely touch, some blue wooden roses which really add to the presentation of the gift (they do red ones too if you are buying for a woman, or someone who prefers red).

Then it was on to choosing the star itself. This is were it can get tricky….there is a lot of choice, and so you can really tailor the gift. Especially if the person you are buying for is into astrology, you can easily tie it in with their star-sign. In addition to the 12 astrological constellations related to birth there are plenty of other options. There is an additional charge for specifying the constellation that your star appears in, but in my view it is well worth it. If you have a unicorn lover in the family then you can get a star in Monocerous, a belt lover…why not go for Orion!Star-Name-Registry.Com

In the end I went for Libra, because the Boyf and I bring balance to each other. At times we can be very different in our approach and ways of dealing with things (and we often clash because of it), but in the end everything settles down because we know that together we are better than apart!

When ordering, you chose your start package, add the name you would like the star called and then select the constellation you want it in (if you want this extra). You also get the chance to add a short personalise message that is added to the certificate (I chose to comment on the balance aspect of Libra). You can also choose a meaningful date. This could easily be tied in to a birthday, wedding date or even just an “I got you a gift Friday” date. So this truly is a chance to personalise the gift as much as you would like so that it really means something.And that’s it, the order goes in and a few days later your gorgeous gift arrives! Ours was in a silver gift box and was nicely presented with tissue paper and the roses. The Boyf was really surprised and pleased, although of course he thinks I am a bit soppy….but hey, it’s OK to be soppy when you’re in love!Star-Name-Registry.Com

This was a really fun present and will give us a good excuse to head to a decent Dark Sky area one day to see if we can see his star!

Do you like the idea of having your own star? Or naming one after someone else?

Keep your eyes peeled as I’ll be running a competition for you to win your own Star in the not too distant future.

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