Crystal Crazy?

I’ve always had an affinity to stones and crystals.  At the Science Museum I love the gift shop section that has all the tumble stone pebbles, and I have a malachite necklace which has the most amazing patterns on it.

It’s hard to say why I like them, or whether I believe in their healing powers, but what I do know is that the patterns in the stones make me happy.  Perhaps it’s because whilst I love the floral part of nature from a distance (flowers often equal sneezes!), with rocks and crystals I don’t suffer any ill effects.  I can enjoy the way nature takes the elements and makes them into such different substances, all with their own unique look and feel.

CrystalifeI was recently sent a review piece by Taylor at Crystalife as we were chatting about the benefits of crystals and how you can incorporate that into gemstone jewellery.  He suggested that they may be beneficial for me on my long races.  I mentioned that I really like hematite and tiger’s eye as stones, but I guess that they can be trickier to make into the style of handmade pieces that Taylor does.  The necklace I received is a clear crystal (I believe it’s clear quartz but have been unable to get that confirmed) and is hand-set in what appears to be copper (you can tell this by the finger print in the setting).  It’s certainly a unique piece as crystal, although shaped into a hexagonal drop, still has the chips and imperfections you can expect in some crystals.  From my reading, clear quartz is a stone that absorbs energy and then releases back at the wearer (rather than other stones which have their own “powers”), and so I will need to be really careful with it as I don’t want one race’s negativity bouncing back to bring me down in a later race.

Whether you believe in crystals or not, I am sure you can believe in the placebo effect, and so if I believe something will work then there’s a high possibility of it working….if I am negative about it then likely a negative mindset will kick in.

The power of positive thinking is definitely something I believe in, but sometimes my positivity gets carried away (as I demonstrated at the Moonlight Challenge).  It’s also something I have seen work well in others too.  When the Boyf’s mum was diagnosed with a brain tumour (thankfully successfully treated), I bought her a small crystal angel at the Munich Christmas Market.  She took it to hospital and placed it on the side so it could watch over her.  She recently let the angel to a friend who was going into hospital, so that it could watch over them as well.  A simple act like this can make someone feel loved enough that it improves their state of mind and this in turn can help whatever treatment is taking place work better.

If someone wants to get well, then thinking positively about the outcome is certainly going to make them feel a lot better than focusing on everything that could go wrong.

AngelsI’ve recently bought myself some little angels from the Wisdom of Wellbeing shop, they’re keeping me company on my desk right now.  Mostly because I like the stones they are made of, but also because who doesn’t need a bit of extra luck or super-power to improve productivity, abundance and prosperity!  The teeny-tiny goldstone angel is said to enhance drive and ambition, whilst the larger opalite is for soothing frayed nerves and providing inner peace and calm.  Sounds like the perfect home-office combo to me.

Whether or not they have actual super powers I don’t know, but they add a bit of colour to my room and I like them….so there’s my mood improved right there!

Do you have any crystals or stones that you keep in your room or in your pocket?  Do you have them just because they look pretty?  Or because you feel some kind of benefit to having them?

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