Shortlist Excitement: Myprotein Blogger Awards

What a week! I thought I was on the mend last weekend and had restarted exercise, but it wasn’t to last unfortunately. What with a work trip to the Netherlands followed by a couple of days driving around the UK I found myself returning to snotsville. So much so I think I actually believed it might be flu by the time I had had my second near-faint and temperature spike on Friday (complete with a DOMs-like ache). I am still pondering if it is flu as I definitely ache a lot more than I should considering the complete lack of exercise and so I have been making sure I get plenty of rest.

A lunch-nap on Friday set the tone and I spent most of Saturday either in bed or relaxing on my chair setting up my awesome Marketing Planner* in OneNote.

Today I slept until I woke up (no alarm) and decided to brave a wander in the snow to get the weekly shop. Luckily we have a supermarket nearby, as it was clear the roads were less than ideal for a drive (or at least other road users may have proved a risk). Having dropped the food home I made up a turmeric latter with coconut milk, popped it in my travel mug and went for a gentle wander in the snow. It was lovely out, and not too cold, so it was good to get some fresh air to help aid my recovery. I was a bit sad not to be out running, but I definitely wouldn’t have had the energy or lung power to do so!

MyProtein Endurance Award 2017 - ShortlistedMy excitingist moment of the week has to have been getting the email to confirm that Tailfish has been shortlisted for the Myprotein* Blogger Awards in the Endurance category. I was really happy with this given my focus this year on stepping up the distance in races, and it bodes well for next year’s plans with 5 ultra-marathons booked already. With four 50 milers and a 62 miler in the schedule endurance will definitely be key!! The blogs are now being judged by the myProtein team, so fingers crossed I come out of it with a prize as I could certainly do with some additional nutritional support in training to keep me in tip top condition ahead of the journey!  You can see who else made the shortlist here.

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