More sleep required

I am a complete procrastinator when it comes to getting study done.  You would think that as a grown-up, who is doing modules with the Open University by choice (and is paying for the pleasure), I would be able to plan my study better.  It would seem that that is not the case though and once again I was frantically typing away in the middle of the night in order to get my latest assignment done.  I did it though, completed and submitted by 1:30am! Not bad considering it’s an 11am deadline.  Of course this meant I only got about 4 hours sleep by the time I had packed my suitcase to come home today and settled down enough to actually fall asleep.

Thankfully today’s task in the DW Fitness Clubs “40 Days of Fitness” challenge, was a nice easy one that I could get out of the way before the day got going and work stress kicked in.

Forty_Days_of_Fitness.PNGThursday 19th February – 3 sets of squats with 60 second rest in between
Get as low as you can, but make sure your knees don’t travel too far over your toes, and keep your chin up and your back straight.

  • Beginner – 10
  • Intermediate – 20
  • Expert – 30 (add 3kg weights if you don’t feel this is challenging enough!)

I plumped for the 3 sets of 20, it’s enough to make me feel as though I have put the effort in without completely killing my legs.  I mixed it up a bit as well and did the second set with a wide stance.

Now I should really get on with some work, it’s all a bit crazy in the office at present and I need to get my nag on!

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