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wrappz-logoYou may have noticed that I take quite a lot of photos, and feature in a few as well (snowboarding & running photos FTW!), so I am pleased to have the opportunity to check out & review Wrappz and one of their iPhone cases. Wrappz has been around since 2007 and not only lets you customise a range of products like phone cases (lots of different phone makes), laptop covers and cushions but if you’re really artistic (just have an eye for stuff other people might like) you can “sell” your own images on the site so that people can use them rather than load their own. Everytime someone buys a product that uses you design then you gt a 10% commission….it’s tempting to dig through some of my old photos and see if I can find anything that might appeal to someone else.

I’ll be using the site to create a personalised phone case and will blog about ease of process and case quality when I receive the finished article. There are quite a few options, including the ability to collage multiple pictures on one case, so I need to choose wisely. I want something to remind me of happy times and distract me from work when I glance at it in the office.

If you want to dive straight in before waiting for my review post, then you can use the code FBFAN20 to get 20% off a personalized skin.

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