NaBloPoMo Day 7 & 8: Assessment time

 I was really lazy on Monday, I skipped my planned yoga sessions, worked all day and went for a walk to the supermarket in the evening.  At least I ate healthily and avoided fillin up on crap.
Today wasn’t much better, two planned yoga classes skipped, and I procrastinated on the run.  I think it was because my plan was calling for me to do a 3.2 km assessment run.  Warm-up, do 3.2 km as quick as you can and then warm down.  It’s a lot of effort and to be honest I was not really feeling it.  My planned mid-morning run, shuffled in my mind to late afternoon and in the end I finally headed out after work.  Even then I wasn’t really feeling it and figured I would do the two warm-up segments and see how I was feeling.  If I wasn’t in the mood for all out then I would just round up the time to 30 minutes.

In the end it all came good.  Once I was out in the fresh air I figured I might as well suck it up and just get the assessment done.  Skipping it would just mean it shuffle itself to later in the week, so the torment is just postponed. At lease it was nice and cool, and there wasn’t any wind so for a change I wasn’t battling the weather.  Unfortunately I was about 25 seconds slower (on a less lumpy course) than in October, so I’ve now seen a nice little 6 minute assessment pop into the plan on Thursday.  On the plus side, although I’ll push myself more, I find 6 minute assessments more manageable.  It’s over a lot quicker and I feel I can go out faster and tail off if I need to.  With the 3.2 km assessments I have to plan and pace a bit better from the start.

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