Brunch & Printables

Well the whole NaBloPoMo month of blogging posting failed, as is to be expected with anything I try to do everyday.  Still at least I have been a bit productive whilst I haven’t been working.

Work has been going really well, the new projects are ticking along nicely and I even managed to spend some time working through a 5 day business success challenge with the Female Entrepreneur Association which gave me a lot of good things to think about and plan for.  So much so that I have signed up as a member.  So hopefully you’ll start to see the blog and my business develop a bit more in the coming months.

I was a bit slack on the running front over the weekend, I was out on Saturday and on Sunday I postponed my morning run to run later in the day with the Boyf.  Of course, naps and work got in the way for us both and no running took place.  Ah well, I made up for it today by getting in a double run, but only to get ahead of the game with 3 days in the London office which will mean I will be doing more walking that running.

In addition to the non-running at the weekend there was a fair bit of eating.  We went to brunch at Caravan in King’s Cross for my mum’s birthday.  It was our first visit there, but it won’t be the last!  Not least because I was a really bad blogger and didn’t take any photos of the food at all.  In summary though, great coffee, really nice food and if you like noisyish places with a lot of hustle and bustle then you won’t be disappointed.  After eating I managed to pick up a bottle of my current favourite gin from the mini Fortnum’s at St.Pancras station (a life saver of a location when I can’t get to the main store).

Sunday was spent getting to grips with making printables, this is something I am looking to develop further along with the digital planning I am doing (and the Bullet Journalling).

As I am planning on maybe getting through a whole days of squats, I thought I would develop a tracker to insert into my OneNote or to act as a printable version for people who add inserts into their paper journals. One tracker led to two as I was undecided on whether the first was too distracting or not.  Having polled a bit for opinions on Facebook number 2 gets the most love but there are still a few people who like the craziness of the first one.  So I thought I’d share them both with you.  Tailfish Squat Tracker Printable images

If you fancy joining me in an attempt to survive 30 days of squats in search of a pert squat butt then feel free to download whichever one you fancy (or both if like me you want to see how you get on with both designs).

Download Squat Tracker 1

Download Squat Tracker 2

Don’t forget to let me know which one you like best along with any other feedback so I can make some more!

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