Progress continues


Less than 5 days to go till race day, and things are continuing to go well on the training front. I got up early this morning and was out running round Basel at 5:30am. Today’s runcoach session was down as a pace session, warm-up, drills, run for 20 mins at a comfortably hard pace and then a cool down. I’m pleased to say I did 5km in under 35 minutes and although I took a couple of short walking breaks in the pace section I didn’t give up. The walks were to help me recover from the further pace increase I had to put in to avoid 3 crowds of zombies.
Although I was running with the Zombies, Run! App I didn’t play any music this time round. Headphones are banned in Sunday’s race so I thought I should try a session without. I did OK, but I do prefer to have some music playing to keep my mind off the fact that I’m really not a fan of running.
The great news is that when I updated my runcoach log this evening it’s given me the option to increase my training level….so I must be doing OK!
I’m going to do another run out here tomorrow, I’m thinking an evening session will help prepare me for Sunday’s expected hot weather and then I’ll be taking it easy until Sunday morning.

In the meantime, if you are after some inspiration for weightloss or just becoming more involved in sport then I suggest you check out @totkat’s blog, she completed an Iron Man triathlon despite breaking her collar bone part way through the race. If that doesn’t demonstrate the power or mind over matter then I am not sure what does.



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