Let the 30 day challenges begin

Recovery Beer #janathon #alcoholfree #wheatbeer Having run today’s scheduled threshold session yesterday, at Woodley parkrun, I was in need of something a bit fitnessy to blog about for day 2 of Janathon.  Luckily I had planned ahead yesterday and set myself a reminder to start some 30 day challenges.  I have had an app on my phone for a while but never got round to doing more than a few days of challenges, so I will be using 30 Day Fitness Challenges by Foamy Media for the rest of Janathon.  I am doing 4 separate, single exercise, challenges but the app does some good options that include multiple exercises but focus on core strength, upper body etc. If I complete these 4 then perhaps I will do one of those in February.  Plank, wall sit, squats & press-ups are going to be January’s choices.  I am going to do the press-ups on my knees to get a good base started and perhaps move to “proper” ones once the challenge is complete and my arms are stronger.  Arm strength was a big issue for me in my gymnastic days and press-ups were my most hated exercise at the end of each session.

Day 1 was a fairly gentle start, but I have got things underway with 30 squats, 15 press-ups, 20 second plank and 10 second wall sit.  I am now taking advantage of the exercise by enjoying an alcohol free recovery beer while I write this!

30 day challenges - Day 1

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