It’s the Final Threshold #MixUpYourRun

Apologies (not really), for the ear-worm if it has transferred itself to you. Yesterday was my final threshold session before Sunday’s Hugin Challenge, no more running for me until then (I am not counting my planned stint as tail-runner at parkrun on Saturday). 23 mins, with a 5 minute interval at 5:53/km pace. It felt really good, I didn’t feel exhausted, my legs felt strong and I didn’t get any heart rate related panics. I was wearing the ASICS 33-DFAs again and they feel really good. They are cushioned enough to make sure my knees don’t feel like they’re getting slammed by the hard surface of the path but they feel fast! I am really looking forward to giving them a fast 10km later in the year.

I’m going to give the Gel-Glorify another session on Saturday, I think a slow, tail-runner speed parkrun will help me decide if they are going to feel right on Sunday or if I should stick with my Skechers Nite Owls. I know it’s not going to be dark but the bright orange makes me happy and orange must go faster than my white Go Run Ride 2 surely?

I’ve been thinking a lot about how I am going to run for 6 hours, I am thinking a mix and match approach to speed to stop my muscles getting locked into the same position. I am also pondering a fast interval just before the aid-station to push myself a bit, wake my body up and gain me a few seconds so a I leave the station with a walk interval to take on food and drink without choking or drowning. Whatever happens I want to keep going for the full 6 hours, even if I am just shuffling along. I’m a complete mix of fear and excitement at the moment, I wonder how I will be feeling when it is all over (and what else it will lead me to sign up for).

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