Training Log: 27th – 31st May

A quick summary of the last few days’ training and totals for the month….

Friday 27th May

Lots of standing around, no real exercise.  I was volunteering at the SVN Wedding Challenge, the precursor to Janet & Greg’s wedding, so no running but lots of pouring of squash and sharing out of crisps.  On a serious note though it was 8 hours+ on my feet with minimal eating (because grazing from the aid station when you aren’t running isn’t good for the waistline).

Saturday 28th May

I did the Kent Road Runner marathon with my friend Nikki.  Off plan and not at my economy pace, the goal was to get Nikki round with a run:walk strategy.  She had recently walked both Brighton & London marathons and was close to pulling out of this race due to a lack of running training and a fear of not making the cut-off.  Instead I convinced her to come along as do some running and walking and see how she got on.  We squeaked in a finish and ran a lot more than I think she thought she could. Awesome job Nikki!


A full post on the KRR will follow shortly.

Sunday 29th May

Recovery nap and 3 loads of washing.

Monday 30th May

More volunteering, 6 hours guarding and promoting cake intake at the SVN Cakeathon.  Nikki topped up her marathon with a half marathon.  Elaine did her first half since she did a full at KRR last year and Teresa did her first ever half marathon!  It’s great to see people achieving their goals.

Tuesday 31st May

A threshold run was on the plan, with a 20 minute interval at 5:50/km.  It was pouring with rain, a bit windy and my planned route was undulating.  I didn’t quite hit the planned pace but think I put in the equivalent level of effort.  The magic plan must have agreed as it has increased my pace for my next run.

TrainAsONE #threshold

Monthly Summary

All in all I didn’t run quite as much as I should have done as I had a week away working and it was too tricky to fit running in.  I did walk daily instead though.  I also did a lot of yoga, something I am going to try and keep up in June (if only to try and make Juneathon slightly easier to stick out).

Training Log: Monthly Summary

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