Training Log: 3-6-16

Juneathon day 3 Kickstarter with some pre-work yoga. Today a @yogaiaofficial Energising Flow got Friday off to a good start #juneathon #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #yogaforrunning #yogaiaJuneathon Day 3, a pretty busy day both at work and on the exercise front.  I kicked the morning off with a 25 minute Yogaia session, Energising Flow.  This was quite a relaxed class, but it woke me up and got me ready for a day of conference calls and spreadsheet manipulation.

TrainAsONE: SprintervalsMidday saw me sneak in my 60 squats for the day and then when I finished work I managed to ignore my duvet and rather than sneaking in a nap I went out for my planned TrainAsONE sprinterval session.  A warm-up, 4 reps of 3:3 intervals at 5:08/km pace, cool-down.  I think I still had a bit of marathon tiredness in my legs (or maybe it was just the fact I had been standing at my desk all day) but I didn’t quite hit planned pace on all of my intervals.  Effort is what counts though, and I must have done an OK job because the magic plan has increased my base pace for tomorrow’s run.

Yogaia: Vinyasa ExpressI rounded out my exercise for the day with a Yogaia Vinyasa Flow class.  This was a toughie, lots of half press-ups and my first introduction to dolphin pose.  Dolphins may actually be more hated than pigeons in a yoga context.  I don’t think I am a fan at all, especially when I had to reverse my arm position and have my palms facing up instead of down.  Part of the reason I am doing yoga is to increase my strength though so it was good to have a strength focused session completed, even if I did nearly end up in a post-run knot of cramp.

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