Zombies, Run! S2:Ghosts #basel #trail

I had a great run last night, I was scheduled for an 8-9km session and decided to try the route I had found down to the park at St. Jakob. Crossing the Rhein just past Solitude Park I then followed a small tributary all the way to St Jakob, round the park and back to the tram for an easy ride home.
I maintained a good pace (I was scheduled for 7:07/km and my watch put me in at 7:00/km) so things are looking good for the Women’s Running 10 next weekend.
Animal spots this run varied from the normal hordes of sparrows to be a quick glimpse of a local squirrel, black with a cream belly, and a surprise dinosaur sighting!

Really nice run, ran by the river, did some trails and found a dinosaur
via Flickr http://flic.kr/p/fDz6LB
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