Zombies, Run! S2:M7 #backfrominjury

After a quick run out in London I decided to get my gait analysed. I had it done a few years ago but as I am now actually running rather that going to the gym twice a year, and given my recent ankle injury I thought it was worthwhile getting it checked again.
I had it done at the Milton Keynes branch of sweatshop, which is conveniently located in the same building as SNOzoneMK where I snowboard. They were very helpful, got me on the treadmill and confirmed what I was expecting that I over-pronate slightly. My ankles had rolled in as a child, and my work shoes always wear on the inside of the heels, so running is only going to compound that action. In addition to getting some Mizuno Wave Inspires I also got some custom insoles, turns out I have a slightly higher arch on my left foot, which explains why that’s the one that always gets numbness.

Yesterday was my first session out in them, and I was scheduled for a 3-4km at maintenance pace (6:53/km). The first few kilometres was a struggle and I really felt the fact that I hadn’t run for 3 weeks, after that I got into my stride and felt like I could still run. My ankle held up well and the trainers and foot beds were really comfortable, so it looks like it’s back to full training. I’ve pulled out of tomorrow’s Standalone 10k race as I really want to focus on my big race weekend in November up in the Lake District, so instead of doing another road race I’ll stick to doing the Pine Ridge 10k trail next Saturday instead. I’m looking forward to the variation of a trail run, and it’ll be good training for the “Dirty Double”.

First real run back after my ankle injury, new trainers work well, no ankle pain but it felt like a hard run after almost 3 weeks off

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