Beaten by the hill

After yesterday’s successful run we decided to head back to Wimpole Estate parkrun to give my ankle a real test. It’s mostly run on grass (you can avoid most of the paths if you choose) with great scenery and a good mix of cows, sheep & other wildlife. It also has an evil hill coming up to the 2km point….this was my second visit at Wimpole, and this time out the hill beat me and I had to walk the top section, I guess 3 weeks off running really does have a negative effect on fitness. My official time was 32:20, not as fast as last time but the main thing is that my ankle survived pain-free, even if my lungs & heart rate suffered more than I’d have liked. Hopefully a week of training will mean I can get round next parkrunday without any walk stops.

Official time 32:20, had to walk twice (damn hills & lack of fitness)

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