Shiny test kit #MixUpYourRun

16456743775_ae184e6ca6_mI have been immensely lucky (thanks to The Running Bug) to be one of a group of runners chosen to be involved in the ASICS Europe #MixUpYourRun campaign. In part this campaign is to promote their new Gel-Glorify trainers, available exclusively through Intersport but also to encourage you to mix things up a bit having more than one pair of trainers and swapping them around based on the type of running you are doing.  You may think this is just a ploy by ASICS to sell more trainers but as someone who already has trainers for long runs, trail runs and shorter faster runs then I don’t need convincing that this is a good idea.  The exciting thing is that I have been sent 2 pairs of trainers, the Gel-Glorify (exclusive to Intersport) and a pair of 33-DFAs along with some clothing as well.  Over the next few weeks I will be testing it all out and sharing my views so that you can decide whether you too can benefit from mixing up your runs.

At present I am also one of the beta testers for TrainAsONE, and this means I already have a good mix of runs in my weekly schedule.  With a range of slow runs, intervals, pickups and long runs I am working towards what I hope will be my first Ultra distance on 22nd February.  Hopefully the Gel-Glorify will be perfect for the attempt.

Shiny newness! #ASICS #MixUpYourRun @ASICSEurope trainers have arrived! #fb can't wait till I can test them out

The frustrating thing this week was that the parcel of awesome was delivered on Tuesday, and I was away with work so I didn’t manage to get my hands on it until I flew home late on Thursday (too late for a run unfortunately).  Included with the trainers were some running capris, socks, a t-shirt and a light-weight jacket.  It all fits perfectly and in addition to blogging about the trainers I’ll also share my views on the clothing as well.

I’ve realised this post is forming up to be a monster, so on second thoughts I’m splitting it into two and will cover last night’s 33-DFA run in a fresh post.

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