Curdled Coffee #juneathon Day 2

#juneathon #rundone a pre-work #TrainAsONE assessment is complete

Hurrah! The 2nd of June means the second day of Juneathon and today I actually had exercise planned. My alarm went off at 5am and I switched the light on to start my working away wake up routine. Up I sat and opened the latte I use to kick start my morning (& bodily functions) in a bid to avoid having to make a pit stop during my pre-work run. I hadn’t fully thought this through though…..a big slug, hmmmm consistency and taste aren’t quite right…..ah yes that will be because this stuff does not survive more than a night out of a fridge and it had been sitting in my work cupboard for a fortnight! Luckily the slug hadn’t been as big as it would have been if the coffee had been liquid and I managed not to vomit!

#juneathon dead coffeeSummoning completed I was out and running before 6am. Today was a short and sweet TrainAsONE assessment session, this meant after getting going and a walk for recovery and a heart rate reset I had to run as fast as I could for 6 minutes. This is a long time, especially before you have really woken up, but I suppose it also means you can spring it on your body before it has a chance to realise what is happening. The other bonus of running so early was that I could run along the flat and fairly uncongested Rhein pathway. I only passed about 6 runners so didn’t have to dodge in and out as much as if I had been running in the evening.

I was very pleased to hit sub 5:00/km pace given my recent 30 mile bimble, and I think that shows that my legs are in pretty good shape for the Lakeland Trails Marathon on Sunday.

#juneathon activity levels

Other than that it has been a hectic day in the office, back to back meetings and calls, including a really fun hour reviewing progress being made on audit actions. I did manage to finish the day on 15,162 steps (today’s target was 8,924) and have covered 12.2km. So all in all a very successful #juneathon day 2!

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  1. I am about to do my Pilates.., honest! I just thought I’d check out your juneathon day first! I’m impressed not only at the 5am start and running pace but that you’ve managed to blog too! I’m tweeting only with a few blogs thrown in. Right off to do my work out!

  2. Tweets count too! What’s important is getting the exercise done 🙂 I am sure I will end up with a few last minute Tweet only updates too. Mornings work quite well for me, especially if I have a fast session planned as it isn’t as busy. I’ll run in the evening if it’s a long run or I can get out on the trail but with only 24 minutes scheduled today I couldn’t get out that far.

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